Before Digital Photography

In the years before digital, not many people would take the time and the monetary expense to really learn and take photo images because of the cost of each shot.

If you were shooting black and white film, you had the expense of developing the film and making prints. Those who shot color negative fim, also had large expenses for developing by photo shops or E.K.

“You had to hit the exposure right on the button”

If you were shooting color slides, you had to hit the exposure right on the button — each color slide back in the 1970’s would cost you about twenty five cents every time you pressed the shutter button.┬áSo unless you loved photography, you did not go into it the way the general public has adopted digital photography.

“I am very glad to see the creative talent”

I am very glad to see the creative talent that has blossomed from people who probably never knew they had it in them. I think it all happened because of the ease of using a digital camera and the low cost of each shot, which is zero after you subtract the cost of the original card, plus the fact that you can edit the photo in your computer to create the image you envisioned.

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