Jenne Farm and the Sugar House

Mileage, Photos And Directions to:

(Both are off Route 106 out of Woodstock, Vermont)

First of all you have to drive to Woodstock, Vermont as your starting point. Woodstock is a quaint Vermont tourist town with hotels, motels, restaurants and gift shops. It is one of the largest towns in the area. Many photographers stay in the Woodstock area motels and use it as their home base for shooting the famous photo scenes in that area.


The iconic Jenne Farm scene has to be photographed in the early morning when the sun lights up the front of the famous red barns. In the autumn you have to be at the top of the hill, looking down at the farm by 6:30am with your camera on your tripod. Then you wait with at least 25 to 40 other photographers for the sun to rise over the hills behind you and light up the front of the house and barns. You will only have about a half hour of the golden light on the scene, so you have to take advantage of it. It is best to get their around 6:00am to claim your tripod location as it gets quite crowded and the early bird gets the best spots for the best composition.

You can set up your tripod on the road by the two trees on the left. This area gets very crowded very early, or you can go out into the field on the left of the road where there is more room for more photographers.

In the winter time you have to be at the Jenne Farm right after a good snow storm to get photos of the farm before the snow is disturbed by snowmobiles. Be sure you have snowshoes if you plan to go out into the field to get your shots. Again, you have to be there in the early morning for the best lighting on the scene.


A beautiful red Vermont sugar house located at the bottom of a white birch-lined country road. Come here right after you shoot the Jenne Farm. The road to the Sugar House is located a half mile down Route 6. Take a right turn when leaving Jenne Road and take the first road on the left, about a half mile down the road. Drive-up the road until you see the red sugar house, then continue up the hill for about 2/10 of a mile and look back at the scene.

To find both of these famous photo scenes,

Set Mileage as follows:
0.0 At routes 4 & 106 in Woodstock, Vermont take Rte 106 south (at the corner where the Woodstock Inn is located).

8.1 Small road on the RIGHT is the Jenne Road. Turn Right, and go to the top of hill and you will be looking down to the JENNE FARM.

For the Sugar House:
8.6 Back to Rte 106. Turn right on Route 6. Take first road on LEFT to the SUGAR HOUSE

2 thoughts on “Jenne Farm and the Sugar House”

  1. Light is certainly a main ingredient in photography and waiting for the light is sort of like fishing. Thanks for sharing the details of where to find these beautiful spots. One day, I’ll check them out and think of you!

  2. I found out a few years ago about our family farm in Vermont. We visited the farm in the summer and I took a few photographs. I found a book in the Library of Congress that traces our family history back to the 16th century. I am interested in purchasing some photos of the farm in the winter. Can you give me the cost of say a 11×17, unframed.
    I am a detective in a police department in Palm Beach County, Florida. My dad grew up in Maywood, Ill and the family moved to Florida in the 20’s. He never talked about the farm.

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