Jenne Farm and the Sugar House

Mileage, Photos And Directions to: FAMOUS VERMONT PHOTO-SCENIC JENNE FARM AND THE SUGAR HOUSE (Both are off Route 106 out of Woodstock, Vermont) First of all you have to drive to Woodstock, Vermont as your starting point. Woodstock is a quaint Vermont tourist town with hotels, motels, restaurants and gift shops. It is one of […]

Vermont Shooting Tips

Shooting Tips for Digital Photographers in Vermont Since you are shooting “digital” and do not have to worry about film costs anymore, you will probably shoot many, many more images that you would have with film. Take photos of everything that interests you as you can delete the bad ones when you get home. Shoot […]

Unique Birthday Cake

I just had my 95th birthday with thirty relatives and friends attending a big party on March 12th. It was planned by my two daughters from the West Coast, who came East to help me celebrate. After a delicious lunch of Chicken Piccata and a wonderful lobster dish, they wheeled out the most unique and […]